Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Gears - Washers - Cuff Bracelets

Check out this funky cuff bracelet my husband Rick made.  He started with a copper base for the cuff and added fun gears and washers made from copper and brass.  He's done some soldering, added  rivets as well as used eyelets in his creation.  It looks like he's had some fun with our Swanstrom Round Cutting tool as well.  

This bracelet is 1" wide and a little more on the large size for a man to wear.  It's slightly adjustable so it could be made a little smaller or larger.  He gave it a protective finish with ProtectaClear to preserve the patina he gave the bracelet.

It's also for sale in our Etsy shop here;  ArizonaCopperCraft

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Monday, October 24, 2016

Swanstrom Round Disk Cutter Pendant

I have a couple of necklaces I made using our Swanstrom Round Disk Cutter that I thought I'd share with you today.  Both started as an etched sheet of copper.  I used the largest disk cutter for these pendants then domed them with a dapping set like the one pictured below.

This is a very cool set of tools for giving jewelry pieces shape and texture.

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Friday, October 21, 2016

Swanstrom Round Disk Cutter Earrings

I've been working with our Swanstrom Disk Cutter again making earrings.  

These earrings were made using a 3/4" copper disks that I cut out and sanded the edges.  Then I added brass and copper rivets with silver washers under them.  To finish the earrings I used brass eyelets and small copper jump rings.  

For this pair of earrings I used the disk cutter to cut a sterling silver washer type disk to frame the copper Chain Maille Scales, added sterling silver and copper jump rings for a fun pair of mixed metal earrings.

These etched copper earrings have two different size disks that nest together.  I've added brass eyelets to hold the disks together then two different sized jump rings to fasten them to the ear wires.  

This pair of earrings is a great example of how I like to use my disk cutter on a sheet of copper I've already etched.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Kingman Turquoise - Boulder Turquoise Necklace

I have a few rectangular shaped Boulder Turquoise Beads that are quite large.  I purchased them to see if I could make pendants using them.  For this pendant I used wire weaving and wrapping.  I'm not sure I'm thrilled with my wire work but I love the piece of turquoise so I'm going to wear this one.  For the necklace I used 8 mm matching Boulder Turquoise beads and added a few Triple Loop Links that I learned how to make from "The Missing Link" book by Cindy Wimmer.  

All the copper has been antiqued and polished to bring out the warmth and beauty of the metal then sealed with ProtectaClear to preserve the patina I gave it.

Using the 8 mm beads gives this necklace a bit of weight, not too much but you know you have it on when you first start wearing it.

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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Chain Maille Scale Earrings

Have I mentioned I like making Chain Maille?

Today's project is Chain Maille Scale Earrings, I have an order for a pair of  these earrings and making earrings for me is like eating M & M's.  You can't just have/make one!

A better view of the earrings waiting to be put on cards.

Some of these are available in our ArizonaCopperCraft Etsy shop.

The Chicken Chick Link Party!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Montana Agate Copper Cuff Bracelet

I think this is one of my favorite cuff bracelets my husband Rick has made recently.  

The agate came from my personal stash and has a story behind it.  My grandmother collected small stones from along the Yellowstone River and many other places she visited.  She and my grandfather were avid hunters and fishermen.  One of her brothers would cut and polish the rocks for her.  After she'd passed on my dad brought me a wash basin filled with her polished stones.  I wasn't real impressed at the time, lol.  He told me he knew I was the person that should have them because I could do something cool with them...  Now that they both are no longer with us it looks like we are doing just what he said.  My grandma Hunnicutt lived from 1902 - 2001 and I'm happy to have her polished rock collection and I even remember picking up rocks with her when I was a little girl.

This cuff bracelet is made from pure copper and has been antiqued and polished to bring out the natural beauty of the metal.  It's then treated with ProtectaClear to preserve the patina my husband gave it.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Learning New Jewelry Making Skills

I thought I'd share some photos today of a few things we made during a couple of jewelry making classes at Mohave Community College in Lake Havasu City, Az.   

I'd been looking for classes in our area that my husband and I might enjoy taking together for fun and to gain additional skills in jewelry making.

The Saturday after swap meet season ended I had us signed up for a Wire Wrap Class in Lake Havasu at the Community College.

My husband Rick is sitting in back while the teacher helps the other ladies in our class.

We were given a variety of cabochons to choose from and used square brass wire for wrapping.  These two are the finished pieces we made.  It was a 4 hour workshop and time flew by, it was fun!

After the Wire Wrap Workshop we took a beginners Silver Smith Class that lasted 6 weeks.  We learned how to solder silver and the pendants above are the first two pieces we made.  I enjoyed this class but felt like a fish out of water.  I didn't know anything about what we were doing and the class ended up being more of a place for jewelry artists to come and use the tools instead of learning how to make jewelry.  

With the help of the instructor and another class mate I was able to make this sterling silver cuff bracelet and another that I never took a picture of.  I'm happy with the way they turned out.  

As far as taking local Community College classes, we went, we did it & learned that we can learn as much and more online.  I don't mean to complain, I'm happy we took the classes.  We live in a small rural area, the classes we took were 35 miles away in the next town.  Our local Community College doesn't have any jewelry related classes.  We do live about 35 miles from Quartzsite Arizona so this winter maybe I can find us another interesting class or two!