Monday, December 5, 2016

African Opal & Copper Jewelry

We are in the midst of our outdoor event season here in Arizona and it's great to see old friends and meet new ones.  One of those old friends asked if I wanted to go to a gem and mineral show early on a Sunday morning while we were set up in Lake Havasu City at the swap meet.  I really wanted to go but didn't want to leave my husband Rick all by himself so I declined the invitation.

We waited till we were on our way home to stop by the gem and mineral show and with Marie's direction visited the booth where she acquired all her goodies.  

I discovered African Opal that day, also known as Aqua Terra Jasper.  It's a gorgeous pale blue green semi precious gem stone with a cream, brown and coppery matrix.  The more I work with this stone the more I love it!

I think this photo of the bracelet shows the colors better.

And a pair of African Opal earrings to tie it all together.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Antiqued Copper Bracelet

This copper bracelet is a piece my husband Rick made recently.  
It features an unknown semi precious gemstone from my Grandmother's stash, copper, brass & nickel silver rivets and eyelets.  Hand forged pieces and parts to secure the snakes.

You can read more about our stash of my Grandmother's polished rocks here:

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Copper & Lampwork Bead Wire Earrings

I have a pair of Copper & Red Lampwork Bead earrings to share today.
I love lampwork beads but don't use them very often in my jewelry because of the expense.  If I ever learn to make them you'll see them in everything I make!

I used copper jump rings to connect to ready made hoops by Tierra Cast then added a couple of small copper beads with my pretty red lampwork beads for a fun pair of earrings.  These earrings have been treated with ProtectaClear to preserve the finish I gave them.

Perfect for the Christmas season in bright red!  They are available for sale in our ArizonaCopperCraft Etsy shop too.

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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Denim Blue Dumortierite Classic Hoop Copper Necklace

This style of necklace is a favorite of mine!
 I really like the look of the copper link and the way it goes into a necklace.  I have modified the link ever so slightly to make it stronger since learning the original version.  

Another great reason to use this link is there aren't as many semi precious gemstone beads on a necklace, this can make a difference in the cost to my customers.  I do like to use some of the more expensive semi precious gemstones beads and this type of link configuration can help keep costs down and still create a beautiful piece of jewelry.

I kept this necklace for me, I like the denim blue color that goes with jeans for a casual look or can be dressed up for work or an evening out.

I wanted to give Cindy Wimmer credit for her book - The Missing Link,
that's where I learned how to make this fun link.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Kingman Turquoise & Copper Bracelet

This is a copper bracelet I made recently using some of our Kingman Turquoise stash.

I've been recycling some of my already made necklaces and bracelets, the barrel links came from one of those bracelets.  I learned to make the links from a YouTube tutorial by "Making it easy with Liz" when I was a beginner.  I didn't like the look of my bracelet with just barrel links any longer so why not take it apart and make something new?!

I love the way this Kingman Turquoise bracelet came out, the 6 mm turquoise beads are a nice size with the 18 gauge wire I used to make the barrels.

I think I'll look through my stash and see what else I can recreate!

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Monday, November 28, 2016

Copper and Semi Precious Gemstone Earrings

In our adventures selling at outdoor events recently I've noticed ladies asking if we have any earrings that go with that necklace.  Ah, maybe...  Last season the question was, "do you have anything that's just copper?"

I've been having fun going through our stash of semi precious gemstones and making earrings!
There will be more in the near future.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Lip Balm Ministry

Lip balm anyone?

At our last women's ministry meeting we were discussing ways to earn money to help support our ministry.  I'd been thinking about offering to making lip balm to sell and the proceeds go for one of our church ministries so why not one I belong to?  Our Pastor and the ladies liked the idea so I went to work and I'm happy to say it's been a great success.  I need to make more lip balm very soon.

There are four "flavors", I designed a label using our church logo, added a Scripture verse and the name of the flavor.   When I delivered them I told our director I thought they'd be a nice ministry tool, stocking stuffer, etc.  I use lip balms with my Sudz n' Hunni Soaps labels as a gift with a tip when we go out to eat quite often.  Or if someone that waits on me in a store that's especially friendly and uses lip balm I'll give them one.  I think it's a nice way to let people know you appreciate them in a very affordable way.