Friday, February 1, 2019

Royston Turquoise Necklace

I've had this Royston Turquoise cabochon for quite some time. I haven't been sure how I wanted to make it up into jewelry till now. I've created a copper frame for it to rest in, then antiqued the copper, polished it and treated the copper to protect and maintain the finish.  

I love the way turquoise looks in copper jewelry. I lived most of my life in an area where there is a lot of Turquoise and Silver jewelry so it's a nice change.

Royston Turquoise comes from the Royston mining district located near Tonapah, Nevada. Royston Turquoise originally consisted of four old Turquoise claims: Bunker Hill, Easter Blue, Oscar Wehrend, and Royal Blue. The colors of Royston Turquoise often run together in the same rock which creates some of the most spectacular Turquoise stones on earth.

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