Friday, January 23, 2009

Ever Had One Of Those Days?

What to share with you today... I hope you're not offended but I couldn't resist buying this stamp by Whipper Snapper Designs. I realize I can use or not use the sentiment in the stamp, but sometimes I'd really like to... It's been one of those weeks again I'm afraid. I'm still doing battle over the kitchen cabinets. The lawsuit has been filed, the summons served, the answer received and filed, today I went over to the court office and filed a motion to go to trial. Over kitchen cabinets... I've spent my day doing paper work for when the big day comes and we go before a judge and let her decide if I get any money back on an 8 month old, half done job. I feel prepared and at peace with the choices I've made. I'm taking care of this in a healthy grown up manner. Now I have to wait about 6 weeks before I hear from the court, they'll send a letter with the court date next.

I've been taking kids to doctor's and dentist appointments this week along with stamping. I have some other cute projects to share with you too, but in another post!

Supply List: Stamps - Whipper Snapper Designs, Paper - SU Basic Gray, Basic Black, SU Blush Blossom, Mohawk Satin White, Ink - Versa Fine Onyx Black & Copic markers.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Deb said...

very sweet, love your new stamp! good luck when the case goes to court, it is rotten that it had to come to this, hope it all goes smoothly and you get some compensation! Hope you are having a great weekend!

Marcia P said...

Jan, I loved your card and can think of some times when I could have handed it out too!

Too bad about the kitchen cupboard saga, you poor thing. I have a motto that I live by - at the end of each day, when I look in the mirror, if I can place my hand on my heart and know I have been the best person I could be that day, I'm doing okay.

You have shown incredible patience and tolerance, and you will be rewarded.

:) Marcia

Diane said...

Gee,that's too bad you must go through all that! I wish you all the best in court!
That's one cute card! I'm glad you found my blog,I enjoy your visit!

Amber said...

Love that stamp

Jane said...

Oh, I LOVE it! :-) Except I think the "I" needs to be switched to "YOU" at some times!

A favorite quote I've seen to use with animals looking over their shoulder with their butt facing you is, "What's up at your end?" You could use that saying with this stamp too.


Kelly L aka Littlekel90 said...

Wow . . . 8 months and they still weren't done?! I agree with Jane your cute (made me chuckle) donkey card should say "you" and not "I" when you send it on to the recipient. -- maybe after the court hearing. *wink* Kelly