Saturday, April 2, 2011

Update On Maxine Parvo Day 2

I have an update on Maxine this morning.
Carolyn from the Animal Hospital called to let us know Maxine was doing pretty well this morning.  She'd had a quiet night and was a little more energetic than yesterday.  

She doesn't want to eat anything yet as her stomach is still gurgling and hasn't drank any water but has an IV so she's hydrated.  Carolyn said she was going to run to the store for some baby food to try on her.  They've been giving antibiotics and medications for her stomach to try to keep her comfortable. 

She seems to think we're in the early stages of the Parvo and let me know that Maxine could still take a turn for the worse but was hopeful that we caught it early enough.  I do understand that they cannot guarantee an outcome for her so we'll keep on praying and asking for your prayers too.  

Thank you so much for praying for our family and Maxine, it means a lot to us.  Your comments bring us comfort too.

Edited to add:

In a comment today Tami asked what the expected time period for Parvo to run its course would be.  The vet told us as soon as she would eat and drink on her own she could come home.  She'd still need care but we could provide that for her.  It sounded like Monday could be the soonest depending on how she does.


Debra said...

Oh Jan, I surely will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. Here is wishing Maxine a fast and full recovery. *hugs*

Gerda said...

Oh Jan,

that is good news. I will keep this little sweetheart in my prayers and I am sure she will be back home soon.

Hugs, Gerda

Tami B. said...

Glad for the good report. Did she give you any idea how long it may take for this to run its course?

Kristie said...

So glad to hear Maxine was doing a bit better this morning. Continued prayers from here!

Lisa Lara said...

Praying for you guys to receive love and peace and the strength to endure and accept the outcome. Hoping for a happy one. Hugs

Claire x said...

Thats good news - lets see what the next few days brings. Hugs, Claire x

Bonnie Weiss said...

Any positive news at this point is good news. I held my little Lily in my arms last night as we said a prayer for Maxine and she sends puppy hugs for Maxine to get better very soon. Hugs to all of you and we will continue to remember little Maxine in our thoughts and prayers.

MyNeed2Craft said...

So sad to hear about your puppy. :( I hope she is well soon. Have you ever heard of The Gentle Barn? They do some fantastic work with rescues that have Parvo and they use a type of algae and have had wonderful results. Just some FYI. :) I follow them on Facebook, but they also have a website.

kare said...

Hi Jan & family,
Bill & i will keep You & sweet Maxine in our prayers.
Blessings & Buzz's


*kare = "the Pastors wife;>"

Joanne (jojot) said...

my prayers will continue for all members of your family, two or four legged

Colleen said...

Keep heart. My beautiful Rough Coated Collie, Holly, was a very sick parvo puppy and she survived, thrived and lived to be 14-years-old. I will be thinking and praying for Maxine, you and the family.

Anonymous said...

I talked to our daughter and she said her Boxer had meningitis as a pup and it was "touch and go" for awhile. He is now 3 years old and his weight is over 90 lbs. There is hope for Maxine.

Andrea6760 said...


As the Mom of 2 rescue dogs, I know how much they touch our lives and hearts. I will keep Maxine in my prayers for a quick and complete recovery.


Karen Howard said...

So sorry to hear about Maxine, Jan!!! My Tinker and Buddy are praying for her. Hugs, Karen