Friday, September 30, 2011

Folded Christmas Tree Tutorial

I have a fun tutorial to share with you today.  
I posted this tutorial the first time November 2007 and thought it would be fun to post it again.   This was my very first tutorial so I hope it all makes sense. The best way for me to learn how to do something is by someone showing me and you might be the same - The supplies needed to make this project are very basic.  One sheet of designer paper, the single sided works best because the thinner the paper the easier it is to fold, especially the smallest square. You'll need your paper trimmer, a bone folder helps and an adhesive of your choice.
The next step is to cut the squares. The first square is 3"x3", the second square is 2 1/2"x2 1/2", the third square is 2"x2", and the forth square is 1 1/2"x1 1/2".
Now the folding part -
I've drawn pictures for you because it was hard to see the fold lines on my patterned paper.

The first in the series of pictures is folding your square in half and creasing it.

The next picture is folding your square in half again in the other direction and creasing it.

The next picture shows folding the square from corner to corner each way and creasing it.

The next step is to fold the square in half after you've done all that.

Now, you will fold it to look like the first triangle shape pictured by pushing the top left and right outside corners toward the bottom center. You'll end up with a triangle, a puffy triangle.

Next you'll take the top section of this triangle and fold it in to meet the center scored line and do the same with the opposite front side so it looks like the one in the center of the picture above.

You now have a "tree part". Fold the other 3 squares just like the first one and you can build your tree from the bottom up by stacking them one on top of the next, largest to smallest. Stick your tree together with the adhesive of your choice. I used a scrap of brown paper for the trunk of my tree, you can see my finished tree card pictured below.

My card from November 2007
I hope you enjoyed the Christmas Tree folding tutorial and will try one for yourself.  I have an InLinkz widget below for you to show off your Christmas tree cards if you'd like!   Thanks for visiting my blog and have a blessed day -


Dana said...

So cute!! Thanks for sharing it with us and how cool to have inklinkz up for everyone to share =)
Hugs xx

The Stamper's Touch said...

What a fabulous tutorial!! Once a month I have 3 friends come over and we make quick, simple and mailable Christmas cards. I will definitely have to give this a try with them, I know they will love it too!


ThePurplePlace said...

Hi Jan,
You did a great job, as always! Thanks for sharing a fun idea!!

Holly said...

really cute, and great tutorial! Love the paper you used for your tree.

Carol L said...

Great tutorial Jan! I haven't made one of these trees in quite some time, so you've inspired me to make another! Thanks for the great tutorial and your card looks great!

Linda said...

Cannot wait to try it. Thanks for sharing "again"!

Kate said...

Excellent! You know I want to make this a tuesday, tut. Right? ;)


I like this fold as it is quick and easy. Haven't seen the Christmas tree before. Definitely have to try one or two. Thanks for the awesome tutorial.

Jo said...

Thanks Jan xx

NanaConnie said...

Great card and wonderful tutorial, Jan! Thanks so much for posting it again for those of use who weren't doing blogland back in 2007. :-)

KellyRae said...

Wow Jan, thanks for the tutorial! You've made it easy to follow and maybe this time I'll be able to make my own origami Christmas tree (gotta keep it fun when my grandkids come over to craft with me).

My Need 2 Craft said...

What a great tutorial. Very easy to follow and understand. I can't wait to make one. :) TFS!