Saturday, November 12, 2011

Local Veteran's Day Parade

Happy Saturday, I thought I'd take a moment to share photos of our local Veteran's Day parade on the main street of our little town.  We were waiting for the parade to start in the first couple of pictures.

My husband Rick in his shorts and jacket.  Is Arizona in November the only place you can wear a jacket and shorts?

I've always worked on Saturday's so I think this is my first parade in Parker.

Jenny was in the marching band, she's behind the band director in every photo...

My husband's grandson was "most beautiful tot - boy", this is a photo of his son, granddaughter and grandson.

Are you bored yet?!

I was so I started taking pictures of the kids running after the candy...  Have a great weekend!


jimlynn said...

You just gotta love a parade! Looks like a lot of fun! Shorts and a jacket ...... um... interesting. Love that first picture with the "Fresh Jerky" sign off to the side! We have those here in Texas too.
Glad y'all had a good time.

Lisa Jane said...

what fab pics
Lisa x

Patti J said...

Our daughter's future in-laws live in Mesa, and are always giving very nice forcasts! Here, today, the furnace is running, and the winter coat came out today to go to the dry cleaners :( Enjoy your Az. weather! Thanks for sharing your photos!

kare said...

HeY! Thanks for the picts.
i did'nt get out there for all the 'Fun'. Bet Jenny had lots though.
How cool to have several family members participate!
You're So funny when you're
bored !>


Sandy Trefger said...

Love a parade! I missed our town's Veteran's Parade which was this morning. I didn't even know we did one until I drove by at 11:15 a.m. and saw signs. I'm bummed. I would have liked to taken some photos of it. Your photos are great!

AllisonG said...

Thanks for sharing your pics. I was at a 4-day scrapbooking retreat, so I missed everything having to do with Veteran's Day. :-( I did make cards for OWH at the retreat though and got others to help! No, Arizona is NOT the only place to wear shorts and a jacket in November. It was in the 80's here in North Texas today. I didn't plan for that when I packed for the retreat, so I was warm in my jeans, yet needed a jacket to keep some of the chill off my arms.