Monday, July 11, 2011

Sgt. Yarbrough's 1000 Card Challenge

In my internet travels this morning I came across a Facebook post on Operation Write Home's FB page about Sgt. Joshua Yarbrough that I wanted to pass on to you.

I've linked to the blog set up for him so you can read all the details.  He was injured in Afghanistan and his family is having a card drive for him to help with his recovery.  Their goal is 1000 cards and I know that we as cardmakers can easily meet that.

So if you'd like to help out go check out Sgt. Yarbrough's 1000 card challenge!  You'll find his story and progress reports there and where to send your hand made greetings cards.

Allison in a comment suggested I give a kleenex alert on this post, she's right.  Grab your box of tissues before you click the link and read about Sgt. Yarbrough... 
Thanks Allison!

Thanks for visiting my blog!


AllisonG said...

OMG, Jan! You must give everyone a Kleenex alert on these blog post for Sgt. Joshua Yarbrough. I'm on the job to sending cards to Josh and going to get my daughter to make one for him, too! Thanks so much for sharing this. Did you post it to OWH FB page as well?

Paula S. said...

I am so glad this is spreading among the OWH family. I'm getting a card int tomorrow's mail and I know we can do 1000 just among ourselves! :)