Sunday, July 31, 2011

Notes From Home - A Look Inside My Craft Room

I hope you are having a blessed Sunday, my post today is a quick look at some of my craft area.

My craft room is our kitchen, the area you see in the picture is where I like to work on craft projects.  There is a mirror above the desk and cabinet if it looks a little odd to you.  My Spellbinders Grand Calibur is there along with a Scor-Pal, paper trimmer and other supplies.  The cabinet everything sits on is full of craft supplies and two of my printers are hidden away inside.  I'll open the doors another day for you to have a peek inside.

I also have cabinet space in our garage/laundry room for my craft items.  I store things that won't melt in our extreme Arizona summer heat out here.  The cabinet pictured holds craft goodies and did you see the rack my husband made to hold my punches beside it?  He recycled our old kitchen cabinet doors and the hanging rods that come with these white cabinets to make the punch storage rack for me.  It's so nice to have them out where I can see all of them.

Edited to add, Cely left a comment asking if I'd show a close up of the punch storage rack so she'd have a better idea of how it was made.

Here's a peek inside that closed white cabinet above. 

I also store some of my ribbon out here.

I told my husband I'd like to store my ribbon so I could get to it easily and see all of it too.  We weren't using all of these two cabinets over the washer and dryer so he put wooden dowels in to hang my ribbon spools on.  It works really well for me, I can't have either of the cats out here when I make my ribbon selections though...  

I hope you've enjoyed a look inside my "craft room" today.
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Carolina Girl (Cely) said...

This is awesome...another area to see how you store. I'm trying to figure out how he made the punch holder...really want to try something different from what I have. Anyway I can get a closer look? The way you store the punches gives a much better view than the way I have stored. Mine are very organized but sit flat so sometimes hard to see.

Patti J said...

Jan, your craft area is beautiful! You must have the best man ever to let you to create in your kitchen! Give him a special hug from all of us, as we certainly LOVE seeing your creations :) Thanks for sharing!

Melissa said...

I love to have a sneak peek inside craft rooms. There are always such good ideas :)

Paula S. said...

So glad you shared these pics Jan. That punch rack is fabulous and I love the ribbon cabinets too. I don't have a dedicated craft space so there's always unpacking and set up involved when I want to craft so I LOVE seeing other people's spaces and living out my dreams vicariously. :)

Carolina Girl (Cely) said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH....had my husband looking at your picture of the punch organizer....huge help. Thanks so much will be much later, but I'll keep you posted on what I do after your and your husband's inspiration.

helloholley said...

OK, so I'm outta the loop, I guess.....did you get rid of your other blog: She's Gone Stampin'????

I couldn't find it for some reason....sorry, I haven't visited you in bad, LOL!!!

Anyways, I so jeaslous of how organized you are....looks great....and I love all your creations I'm seeing on here(your new blog!);)
Have a blessed day!!!