Sunday, February 19, 2012

Adventures In Extreme Couponing

 I'm back today to talk a little more about using coupons to save money.

I've started following a couple of Extreme Coupon bloggers that are in Arizona.  I have The Cents'able Shoppin and Passion For Savings on my home page so I can check in with them periodically throughout the day to see if they've found any new deals I should know about.   These two bloggers have alerted me to high value coupons on Facebook and other websites as well as bargains at CVS, Safeway & Walmart.  I've found the bargain information to be very reliable for CVS and Safeway in my area but not Walmart.  Safeway and CVS prices are in line with their stores in the Phoenix Metro area, Walmart's prices are higher in our area than what these bloggers have quoted so I'm assuming Walmart charges more for their products in areas where they don't have as much competition. 

Yesterday I talked about buying the Sunday Arizona Republic newspaper for the coupon inserts,  Sunday papers are $2.50 plus tax in Parker these days.  That's not a great price when you want 4 to 6 or more Sunday coupon inserts for your coupon shopping adventures.  I tried to find a deal on Sunday papers but they don't deliver in our area anymore.  In Phoenix you can get a discount on multiple Sunday papers and/or just one Sunday paper and extra coupon inserts.  I decided to search the internet to see if I could buy Sunday coupon inserts and found a few resources, E Bay is one of those resources as well as Kayla's Bulk Coupon Inserts.  I like Kayla's because she has photos of the coupon inserts you'll be receiving, her prices are reasonable and she has quick shipping, all in all great service.

Another resource for coupons are FREE PRINTABLE internet coupons.  There are counterfeit coupons out there so please be careful where you get your printable coupons, you can be fined and prosecuted for using counterfeit coupons.  I've found and Red Plum to be  reliable places for printable internet coupons.  You'll need to enter your zip code for coupons that apply to your area and download their software to print the coupons.  Once you've done that you can print a maximum of two coupons per computer to use on your shopping adventures.  

One last bit of information for you today,  Passion For Savings has FREE Extreme Couponing Classes, I've watched the videos and put her strategies into practice.  I'm happy to tell you they work, I saved a lot of $$$ last month on our groceries!

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jimlynn said...

I'll have to go check out these sites Jan. Sounds like a win-win situation!

Cora said...

I can see you are having fun. Back in the 80s & 90s I did this big time. Back before the Internet when you could double and triple coupons. Some stores you could do unlimited numbers of coupons. I traveled 400 miles to my old home once to triple. Check out places like McDonalds for inserts. People leave them along with the newspaper. Same thing at pancake houses. Treat yourself to breakfast and ask for the newspaper stack