Sunday, February 12, 2012

Notes From Home - Band Practice With Maxine

I have some family photos to share today.  
Our kids are in band and need to practice everyday after school.

Jenny & Michael have made it into advanced band and I think they sound pretty good.  
Maxine on the other hand...

likes to sing along as they play!

She's under the table here waiting for them to be finished giving us a groan every now and then.
These practice times would be a good video opportunity but each time I get out the video camera she stops singing for us, lol.  

Have a blessed day!


AllisonG said...

Maxine is so cute! I would love to hear her sing. :-) (I bet the kids are good, too.)

nwilliams6 said...

How fun! I love these pictures from your homelife. Adorable kids and dog. Thanks for sharing!!!!

jimlynn said...

LOL! Maxine looks like she's rather they practice elsewhere! How fun.

Carol L said...

Great photos Jan, and that picture of Maxine is screaming for a caption so it can go into a scrapbook :) Tell the kids to keep up the great work!!

Laura said...

Hello Jan, beautiful pictures of the family. Maxine is sooooo adorable. I remember the day you sent me a message to take a look at your blog. And there she was . A beautiful boxer!! How time flies by sooo fast!!

Carolina Girl (Cely) said...

Too cute!!!