Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Notes From Home

Hello blog friends!

I wanted to check in today to let you know I'm working on catching up on some of my card making as well as other stuff here at home.  My husband Rick had his prostate cancer surgery last Friday so I've been away from home more than usual with his surgery and after care doctors visits.  We live in a small town and have to travel to a larger city about 45 minutes away. 

He had Brachetherapy and is doing well with his recovery and feeling pretty good, I'm very happy to report.  I have a picture of him taken with my phone at the hospital as we were waiting for them to take him into surgery.

As you can see he was in good spirits...

If you notice I'm missing from my blog no worries I'll be back shortly.  Thanks for visiting today!


NanaConnie said...

You're both in our prayers, Jan. Good to hear such a positive report.

jimlynn said...

Oh Jan, I'm wishing Rick all the best in the world! Take care of him (and yourself too). Hugs being sent across the miles!

kare said...

B.B. & i are Hugging you Both in our hearts and have kept you in our prayers.

Do you remember? Bill is a
"30+yr. Survivor"!
i wrote a post about it the other day.
God IS Good!

We Love You!

Melissa Czapor said...

I will be keeping Rick in my prayers!!

Carol L said...

As everyone else already said, I'll be keeping both you and Rick in my prayers. Keep us updated and take good care of yourself in the meantime!

Linda said...

Well wishes for all...My father did not have surgery...but starts treatments next week. Hugs!

Unknown said...

We sure hope he feels strong soon. You are both in Marc an I thoughts and prayers

Tammy said...

Hi Jan! Sending you, Rick and the kids big, big hugs!!
Tammy :)