Wednesday, April 18, 2012

OMG What Happend Here?!

I usually do my Wednesday blog post to announce and show my card for the Operation Write Home Midweek Throwdown challenge.  I haven't had the chance to make a card but I can tell you it's a color challenge but I'll let you go find out what colors!

I've been posting about our garden and my potted herb garden, I have an update about that today.  The herb garden is doing well and I'm happy it's portable.  We've had some crazy weather, one day temperatures are in the low 90's and then last night we got a nice wind and rain storm so today the temperature is in the low 60's, later in the week it will be back to the 90's.  Spring time in Arizona, when the weather changes and regulates it will be just plain HOT here so I'm not complaining!

The ice cream carton of seeds have sprouted, I think this is the Bay Leaf...  Maxine tipped one of them over and I had to replant seeds so I'm not sure anymore.  The other ice cream carton with seeds hasn't had anything happen - but Maxine's big nose tip it over yet.

I needed to move the Basil, Spearmint & Thyme closer to the house because of the high winds we've been having.  They have gotten a little bigger and are doing well.  

Look what happened to the lettuce in my husband's covered garden out back, yikes!  When he told me something had eaten the lettuce I said, "darn rabbits found our garden".  He said, "ahh no, I don't think it was the rabbits!"  I guess not!    Luckily there is still time to plant a little more lettuce in a different spot?

This is the "before" picture from about ten days ago.

Have a blessed day and thanks for visiting my blog -


Donna Hanley said...

Jan, Your gardening seems to be just as good as your card making. YAY for you. Everything looks to be thriving except your poor lettuce. That happened to me last year also with my broccoli and lettuce. There is nothing like home grown veggies and herbs. I just scrolled down to see the picture of your hubby going in for his surgery. Just wanted to let you know my hubby had Prostate Cancer surgery 15 years ago and has been cancer free ever since. If you ever want to talk just email me and I'll give you my phone number. I was happy to have the chance to speak to others when we were going through this. God Bless both of you and the best of continued luck with your gardening.

Carol L said...

Your herbs look awesome, and I wish I could get mine to sprout! I planted dill and arugula and I'm still waiting (tap tap tap). It was 90 here 2 days ago, and only 60 here today too! Good luck with that lettuce in another spot!