Friday, July 6, 2012

Handmade Soaps - Notes From Home

I don't have a lot of exciting pictures or stuff to share with you today. 
My pictures are of the soaps I've been making that are curing.  The soaps in the front row are Calendula Soap my friend Dagmar and I made in her Crockpot at her house a few weeks ago.  The recipe we used is for a cold process, we infused the Calendula flower petals in oil in her Crockpot and I just couldn't resist trying the recipe out as a hot process soap.  My only worry was having the Crockpot too full and the soap rising up and oozing out all over her nice kitchen counter top!   Lucky for us that didn't happen.

The second row of soap are the Shampoo Bars I made last month, they're almost ready to use!

We tried a few molds with our Calendula soap, Dagmar had Angel molds for cooking that I thought were cute.  We also used a Pringles potato chip can for a mold. 

A view of the top of the soaps.  They are on baking racks and you won't believe where they are resting to cure...  Right below the t.v. in the living room...  Our house isn't real big and that's the only "free" space I could think of to put them.

I do have a quality control inspector who stops by from time to time to put her big nose on them.
The soaps aren't always as lined up and even as you see pictured here today, that's how I know she's done her inspection.  As long as she doesn't steal any and eat them we're good.

Thanks for visiting my blog today, have a great weekend!

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Dana said...

Soaps, lip balm... you're going to be the next Burt Bee's! Great projects and love the pic of your quality control inspector : )

Alyce Kit and Clowder said...

Oooh these are amazing Jan!! They look good enough to eat hehehe

Unknown said...

Cool! I really like the Pringles molded ones.

Teresa Kline said...

oh my, I want her...we are a boxer family too, we only have one now, but I am looking for another..precious!

enjoy *~*

Charlie said...

Soaps looking good - gee that's one serious looking quality inspector I would be worried if I were you =0) Soaps like that are VERY expensive in the high market shops - so well done.

Judy Rozema said...

These are fabulous!!! And your quality inspector looks very qualified!