Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Notes From Home

Look what my neighbor and friend brought me a few weeks ago, wow!

A 40 pound box of ripe bananas, a half case of tomatoes and a little bread for the freezer.  She wasn't sure what to do with all the bananas and tomatoes but thought I might.  Well...  that 40 pound box of bananas made twenty five loaves of banana and chocolate banana bread.  I wasn't sure it was such a blessing several days later when I was still baking banana bread, but it was.

I learned how to make banana bread in pint mason jars thanks to Pinterest and had a dozen of those to share.  I think the funnest people to share these with was the mail carrier and UPS driver!  They always take great care of us and always have a little treat for Maxine.  

Mmmm, the last three loaves of chocolate banana bread, yea!

At church Sunday I was asked if I'd like to help with the Mother's Day brunch this Saturday, they were in need of some breads like - you guessed it!  No problem we're ready :)

My friend and her family also enjoyed lots of banana bread, the chocolate was their favorite.
Our kids were happy to make the deliveries across the street on a regular basis.

And then there were the tomatoes.  I was thinking tomato sauce but they became tomato paste which was fine with me.  There are several jars of homemade tomato paste in the freezer since I haven't learned how to can anything yet. 

I've missed a few days  blogging here and there lately so I thought I'd share what I've been doing, I'm still in the kitchen - just enjoying some other creative interests!  

Thanks for visiting my blog today -


Donna Nuce said...

It all looks yummy. I like to make chocolate chip banana bread. My favorite!

Donna Hanley said...

Oh If I could I'd head over to your house for all this delicious food. LOL

Carol L said...

What a great way to use up all that food! I never had chocolate banana bread, but I have made strawberry banana - I'm sure it's all good!! Looks yummy :)