Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Essential Depot Soap Making Kits

I have a fun soap making project to share with you today!

I need to tell you up front that I'm NOT unhappy with the soap making kit I used from Essential Depot today, the problems you'll see pictured are from not completely evaluating and thinking through our Arizona spring and summer weather.

To get started with my story and project today a little background -

My friend Dagmar followed a link from my blog and was looking around online at Essential Depot, she came across their soap making kits and bought a couple of them.  When I visited her last she told me about the soap kits and asked if I'd make them up for her and I could keep the molds from the kits.  
You know I said yes!

She ordered these kits in the beginning of May, they shipped and arrived at her home in Arizona.  The next time I visited we opened them up and checked them out...

Oh oh, the butters had melted in shipping and were all over!  The one good thing was the included red mold, it caught most of the melted butters.

I scraped off all that I could from the containers, wrappers, etc. and put it all in the RED silicon mold.  I next put the silicon mold in my oven at 170 degrees and kept an eye on the butters, when they were almost melted I took the mold out of the oven and stirred until all the butters were incorporated.  I should add right here that I did add a tiny bit of Shea Butter I had to the recipe, I had a container that needed to be scraped out before tossing in the trash and thought the addition would help make up for what was lost in the kit.

For those readers who know me, you already know I'm not a "kit type" of person, I like formulating my own recipes so of course I had to deviate.  My friend Dagmar has been really sick this past year and fighting an unknown battle with her health, I wanted to do something with her soap that would make her smile.  Her favorite color is purple, so instead of having a plain cream colored loaf of soap I had to add color!  Above are the colors I used, a purple mica from The Conservatory called Cosmo Martini, Titanium Dioxide & Fizzy Lemonade from Brambleberry and my home brew of Annatto Seeds infused in Olive Oil.  

And I didn't use the RED silicon mold that came with the kit, I wanted to see "what's happening in there" so I used my 3 lb. acrylic slab mold.  This was a really nice soap recipe to work with, it didn't come to trace too quickly.  I had time to work with the colors making an in the pot swirl, then added more color to the top and swirling it with a chop stick.

Because this was a kit the soap making aftermath wasn't so bad either!

The soap making kit is called Bonnie's Triple Butter Soap and it's available at Essential Depot if you'd like to make this yourself.

Thanks for visiting my blog today -

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Kim said...

I saw Dagmar this week.. I know she is loving this soap....

Billie A said...

This soap is beautiful and sure your friend Dagmar will love it. If the kit came to WA state it would not of had that problem.. what a mess but a clean mess so not too bad and great results. Free mold and wonderful gift for a friend.
PS: did I order any of this? or is it all for Dagmar?

Unknown said...

What a beautiful set of hand-made soaps! Thanks for Going Green wth Dude, Sustainable!

CelloMom said...

That looks beautiful! Never thought of trying to swirl the colours like that.