Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Sudz n' Hunni Carnivale Stripe Handcrafted Soap

Hi blog friends, I have another experiment for you today!

I've been working on different soap techniques and swirls lately and my favorite 2 lb. acrylic mold has soap in it that isn't ready to be un-molded yet.  I just wanted to make a little (more) soap,what's a girl to do?!

My family is used to me saving boxes and containers (garbage to most people) for something I'm going to create in the future.  My husband will actually tell the kids - "You'd better put that away before your Mom makes something else out of it!"  

Anyway, I've been saving this Velveeta box... it's sturdy with the heavy cardboard on the inside, has walls that are straight up and down and holds 32 ounces of what ever I'd like to put in it!  I lined it with freezer paper just like a real soap mold and went forward with my experiment.

Here's a top view of my mold ready to go.

I mixed up my soap recipe, added Carnivale fragrance from Aztec, tried two new liquid colorant samples from Wholesale Supplies Plus and proceeded to try my hand at a tiger stripe technique.

The soap colors are Crafter's Choice Matte Teal Green Liquid Pigment and Matte Lavender Liquid Pigment.  I think I'll be buying the larger size sometime soon!

Here's my finished soap in the mold right after the pour.  Next it goes into the refrigerator because I want this one to be "un-gelled", in 24 hours it will be un-molded and then in another 24 hours I will cut it into slices.

I scraped the soap batter out of the bowls and had enough to fill my almost empty Guest size silicon mold.  I have plans for my Guest size soaps and I'll show you when I have it all together another day!

This is a picture of the aftermath of my soap making.  It's difficult but if I walk away and give it a few hours it's easier to clean up because what's all over the dishes has become soap.

Ohhhh the anticipation of waiting to cut this little loaf of soap!  It's un-molded but needs another twenty - four hours till I can cut it into bars.  

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