Monday, March 10, 2014

Coffee Soap

Sudz n' Hunni Wet Soap!

Coffee Soap for cleaning up after food preparation, did you know coffee in soap will take away the odor of onions and other strong foods by just washing your hands with it? That's what they say 

The Coffee fragrance I used in this soap has a very low "flash point" so it needed to go in the freezer.

My hubby will appreciate the apple pie that is now in the oven baking after dinner tonight. You see, there wasn't enough room in my freezer for the soap with that frozen pie in the way...

Should I tell him what the special occasion is for pie or just keep it to myself?

Here are photos of the Coffee Soaps after they are cut and  reached their cure date.

These soaps belong in the kitchen! They are going to be great for washing up after chopping foods that have strong odors like onions or fresh caught fish. Made with extra strong coffee to neutralize odors and coffee grounds for exfoliation.

I've been using a bar of this soap at our kitchen sink and really enjoying it, the coffee grounds are very exfoliating and what I was told is true.  My hands don't smell like onions after washing up with it!

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