Friday, March 14, 2014

Let's Talk Soap Series

Let's Talk Soap Series

Today's question: What is soap made of anyway?

Soap is a simple chemical reaction. To make true soap you need: oils/fats + H20 (water) + Sodium Hydroxide (lye) = Soap

The chemical reaction these ingredients go through is called saponification which means "the making of soap". Rest assured when the saponification process is done there is no lye left in the soap. The reason being, today we have accurate & sophisticated weighing and measuring tools unlike our grandmothers who made soap. After a 6 week cure time you'll have a wonderfully mild soap with lots of naturally occurring glycerin. Soap cleanses our skin while glycerin moisturizes it.

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Billie A said...

I use your soap daily and love it. It does leave my skin nice and moisturized.. but then again I live in the Pacific Northwest Washington (wet) state.. but it is the best soap around. Hugs.