Friday, March 7, 2014

Let's Talk Soap Series

Let's Talk Soap - 

Why Use Handmade Soaps?

I've been talking with people when I'm out around town and they've been asking some great questions about my soaps.

I'm thinking maybe I should address these questions here on my blog in a series of (short) posts so here's my first one!

I can buy a multi pack of bar soaps at the local dollar or big box store for around 5 bucks why should I spend $5.50 for one bar of your handmade soap?

Great question! Commercially made soaps we buy at the store are mass produced using detergents and chemical additives. These detergents and additives can dry out our skin and cause allergic reactions. Commercial soap companies remove the glycerin from their soaps to sell to different industries. The soaps we buy at the store are actually synthetic detergents. Detergents work well for cleaning our dishes and clothes but are harsh and drying on our skin.

Handmade soap is true soap in it's purest form. True soap gently cleanses away bacteria, dirt and grime without stripping our skin of its natural oils. Glycerin is a natural by product of soap making and handmade soaps have 100% of the glycerin left in them. Handmade soaps can actually restore moisture to our skin and get us clean too, you'll be amazed by the difference!

How about a little research project?  I dare you to go read the ingredients label on your bar soap or body wash. If you're up to it, "google" some of the ingredients that you can't pronounce or aren't sure what they are.

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Anne-Marie said...

Handmade soap is definitely the way to go. Detergents on skin are no fun! =)