Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Etched Copper Jewelry

I love texture so when I discovered etching I was excited!
 Then a little apprehensive...

In order to etch copper I was going to need chemicals that are a little hazardous.  
After doing my homework I concluded that if I could use Lye and make cold process soap I could certainly use Ferric Chloride and etch copper.

In the search to learn to do this I discovered that I had most of the stuff I was going to need already.  How cool is that when you undertake something new and have a lot of the stuff already?
Rubber Stamps, Stazon Ink & Cleaner, sheets of Copper -

This copper cuff bracelet was etched using an old Stampin' Up! background stamp, I chose a word in a line of words I liked and stamped it on the copper bracelet blank (3/4" X 6" copper sheet).  

These etched copper earrings started as a stamped sheet of copper with random rubber and acrylic stamps used.  I used our Swanstrom Round Disk Cutter to strategically cut out parts I wanted to use. 

The Butterfly pendant is a single rubber stamp cut from a sheet of already etched copper.

Some of these and others etched pieces are available for sale in our ArizonaCopperCraft Etsy shop.

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