Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Gears - Washers - Cuff Bracelets

Check out this funky cuff bracelet my husband Rick made.  He started with a copper base for the cuff and added fun gears and washers made from copper and brass.  He's done some soldering, added  rivets as well as used eyelets in his creation.  It looks like he's had some fun with our Swanstrom Round Cutting tool as well.  

This bracelet is 1" wide and a little more on the large size for a man to wear.  It's slightly adjustable so it could be made a little smaller or larger.  He gave it a protective finish with ProtectaClear to preserve the patina he gave the bracelet.

It's also for sale in our Etsy shop here;  ArizonaCopperCraft

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