Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Kingman Turquoise - Mohave Green Necklace

I'm really excited about this necklace!
Green is my favorite color and I love the way this one turned out.  The pendant is a Mohave Green Turquoise coin bead that has two holes on either side of the bead.  I bought it when we went to Colbaugh Processing in September, they had a box of broken strands that you could purchase the turquoise by the piece.  After making this pendant I realize this was a ready made bracelet they sold that had come apart.

I've been playing with wire wrapping so I used our small gauge wire that would fit through the holes and went to work.  After making the pendant I used the 6 mm Mohave Green Turquoise I'd purchased to make a matching necklace chain.  The links are a basic wrapped link and I finished it with a handmade hook and eye closure.  
It's approximately 18 inches long.

Mohave Green Turquoise is a dyed turquoise, in the processing of turquoise stones there are left over chunks and powder which Colbaugh Processing doesn't let go to waste.  They dye these left over turquoise bits & pieces and make something new and fun for us.

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