Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Cherry Creek Jasper Earrings

Cherry Creek Jasper Earrings-

I'm always amazed at all the beautiful
colors Cherry Creek Jasper comes in.

Cherry Creek Jasper is also known as Chinese Picasso 
and Red Creek Jasper.  These stunning semiprecious 
stones offer wonderful patterns and colors in various 
earthy shades.

Their unique mixture of warm and cool tones go well 
with copper.  Red Creek Jasper is believed to be named 
after a stream that runs through the area of China 
where these semiprecious gemstones were first discovered.

 If you are in Arizona this weekend come see 
me Saturday at the La Paz County Swap Meet upriver in Parker, Az and/or Sunday at the London Bridge Swap Meet in 
Lake Havasu City, Az.  

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