Monday, December 31, 2018

Sonoran Dendritic Rhyolite Necklace

This wire woven necklace is made using copper and Sonoran Dendritic Rhyolite. I found matching earring stones so stay tuned and I'll post them next!

Sonora Dendritic Rhyolite gets it's name because of the beautiful, feather-like dendritic patterns found on different colored backgrounds. The gemstone is found in the Mexican state of Sonora which is directly south of Arizona and California. The gemstone usually has a blue-gray or yellowish background color with pinkish maroon colored dendrites growing off sealed fracture lines. The dendrites are surrounded by milky white halos. This opaque stone is most likely a dolomite that has been heated, cracked, and resealed by volcanic activity over thousands of years.

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