Friday, December 14, 2018

Orange Spiny Oyster Shell

Orange Spiny Oyster Shell Necklace & Earring Set

Spiny Oyster Shell, this one is my favorite! I've really liked orange for awhile now and just couldn't part with this one yet, so I've been wearing it.
A little info I've learned about Spiny Oyster: As the name implies, Spiny Oysters are covered with menacing spines but despite its name, these creatures are not true oysters but are more closely related to scallops. In the American Oceans, they occur along the North American coasts, the Atlantic Coast, and northwestern Mexico, on the Pacific Coast. They are also found in waters all the way to South America.
The collection of Spiny Oyster Shells I've acquired I was told come from Ecuador. 
They are prized for their brilliant colors (purple, orange, red & yellow). The color of the shell is deponent on the depth these creatures are found in - at 0 to 60 feet the shells ae purple; at 60 to 90 feet the shell is white, at 90 feet and deeper the shells are red and orange. The most commonly used shell colors include orange, reds, and purples and may include distinct striations and color variations.

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