Sunday, May 9, 2010

Thoughts on being a Mom...

 Digital stamp by Tiddly Inks
 A z fold, I got the idea from the In Style Stamps Method Monday's 4-5-10 blog post.
Copic marker colors used-

Happy Mother's Day!  I've been thinking about my Mom, being a Mom and Mother's Day for several days and thought I'd get a little more personal here than I usually do.

Mother's Day is something I've tried to avoid for the last ten years, I realized a few days ago I need to enjoy and embrace this day because it's about being a Mom and I am one.  

My Mom died ten years ago when I was six months pregnant with my daughter Jenny.  It was a difficult time to get through but I know God's timing is perfect.  If I would have had a new baby I wouldn't have been able to spend those last few weeks at the hospital with my Mom.  I didn't realize she would be gone from my life so quickly and I treasure those last days I had with her.

My daughter was born late in the afternoon on Mother's Day 2000.  I remember my brother thanking me for turning such a horrible day for him into a day to celebrate.  Again I think God's timing is perfect.  But I've allowed Mother's Day to be a reminder to me of how long my Mom has been gone and that she never got to meet the little granddaughter she wanted so much.  Let alone the extra little boy she had no idea about. 

Things need to change...  Jenny will be ten years old in a couple of days, Michael will be nine and Daryl, Mom's only grandchild that she got to know and loved so much will be twenty one soon.

I need to celebrate being a Mom,  I've been one for almost 21 years.  I've been a married Mom, I've been a single Mom, I've been a working Mom, I've been a stay at home Mom, I've been a good Mom, I've been a bad Mom,  most of all I've been a blessed Mom.

The unconditional love I receive from my children means the world to me.  I love being here when my two youngest get home from school and hearing about their day.  I don't love the struggle over homework after they arrive but I love getting the progress reports and going to the awards assemblies to celebrate their hard work and achievements.  I love listening to my daughter practice playing her flute as only a Mom can.

I thank God that He entrusted me with two more children when I was 40 and 41 years old to love and raise.  I feel like I've had a second chance to slow down and enjoy them and to enjoy doing the best  job I've ever had, being a Mom.  Hey, I'm a Mom!


Irena said...

Lovely card, I like the image and the form of the card, and the papers :)

Caryl P said...

I'm not a mom, but your words certainly touched my heart and I'll be sure to hug my mom a bit tighter when I see her later. Happy Mothers Day, enjoy it, because you deserve it!

The Wired Angel said...

Hi Jan! Happy Mother's Day to you.

I couldn't find an email address for you, so had to comment here. Yes, the Christmas Stampin' Accordian Card holder is supposed to be a Christmas gift. Glad you like it! It was pretty easy to do. Peggy x

רחלי גזית said...

As a mother of 2 , I was moved by your words. I sympathies with every word and every feeling.
Love the card.
Thanks for sharing. said... regards to your TAC question, I couldn't find an email link for you. Yes, they are still unmounted rubber. I have a few extra catalogues if you would like one free email me the link is in my profile.Alison

Christy/Tiddly Inks Digitals said...

What a nice post, Jan. The card is lovely and the sentiments that go along with it are very human and very much what most moms feel.

I am sorry you lost your mom, but I so happy you found the inner joy that I am sure she would have wanted you to have regarding a day. I say it is Mother's Day every day, so we shouldn't forgot all the special moments that make it so...they pass so quickly.

Thanks for using my image for sharing such a personal feeling. It makes it double special indeed. :)

~*Joni said...

Jan what a sweet story to post with this adorable card. First of all, although you may have not acknowledged your mommy-hood, I am sure your 3 beautiful children are wonderful reflections of you and your hard work over the years. As a mommy myself (of 6), I love that you are embracing this wonderful title. Your own mom is smiling, knowing that she has taught you well. God is good, thank you for sharing your story. Your card is adorable with that great fold and sweet image!!! I hope your Sunday went well last week. ;) Thank you so much for joining us at Raise The Bar this week!