Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 A Look Back

Wow, what a year it has been!

As we finish out this year I was looking back in my minds eye and thinking about all the things I've learned, people I've met, blessings I've received.  I'm amazed...

The year 2012 brought cancer to our family again.  My husband was diagnosed with Prostate cancer late in 2011, he received treatment in April of 2012, reached his six month milestone and is doing well.  
His Oncologist recently said "See you next year", praise God!

My oldest son and his fiance` told me I was going to be a Grandma, we are all so excited!

My two younger children are healthy, beautiful, smart and becoming the people God made them to be more and more each day.  I'm so proud of them.

(There aren't very many pictures of me)

I've learned this year how to be more self sufficient through other women's blogs and Pinterest,
my family has benefited from the new skills I've acquired.  I've enjoyed learning how to make homemade soaps, lotions, balms, shampoo, hair conditioner, laundry & dishwasher detergents, etc.

It gives me great pleasure to go up and down the grocery store isles knowing I don't need to fill my basket with many of their cleaning, health & beauty or convenience products, I can make my own that are just as good or even better. 

I've also learned how to preserve foods from our garden.

We rescued a homeless Boxer dog & he's learning how to be a house pet and that people are generally pretty nice.  He still has issues but he's coming along.  Maxine thinks he's lots of fun too.

All in all it's been a good year, I'm looking forward to 2013!

Thanks for visiting my blog today - Happy New Year!


Donna Hanley said...

Everyone should take a minute to sit down and think of their blessings. Most people have more blessing than they realize. My fabulous Hubby is a 15 year survivor of Prostate Cancer, so I have a great feeling about your hubby. Wonderful news of the rest of your family and your new found accomplishments. You should be very proud of all you can do while still keeping up with your fabulous talents as a card maker and wonderful colorist. I love to visit your blog every day, Jan and you do bring a smile to face daily. (another blessing you have, making people happy). I wish you and your family en even better New Year, Jan. Like you, I feel blessed to have a fabulous life and so many blessings.

Jan Hunnicutt said...

Hi Donna! I'm so happy to hear about your husband being a 15 year prostate cancer survivor, that is wonderful news. My dad died in 2008 of prostate cancer so when my hubby was diagnosed I was devastated. I pray that he is one of the long term survivors just like your husband =)

It has been a good year!

Thanks for leaving a sweet comment for me, have a blessed 2013 my friend!

jimlynn said...

Jan, what beautiful photos of you and your family! Oh, and also of Maxine and the new pup!!!
Hope you have a wonderful, happy, and healthy new year!

Jennifer said...

Jan, I am so thankful that I've found your blog! I have enjoyed popping in to see you! Reading your posts I have been inspired by your cards but mostly about creating natural products at home. I started to poke around the web some more and this last week, I made my own homemade deodorant and I love it, and it works! I am waiting for the day when I can try out making lip balm like you do!
I pray that you will have a wonderful new year with those you love!
Love and Prayers,

Jan Hunnicutt said...

Hi Jennifer! You are so sweet to leave your comment for me, wow, it's neat to know that the fun I've been having in my kitchen inspires you =)

Your homemade deodorant sounds great, it's crossed my mind to try making it but I'm kind of afraid to... we live in Arizona, lol, if it's a fail it could be a real smelly fail, lol

I hope you'll try making homemade lip balm soon, it is so easy and you'll never go back to buying it in the stores.

God bless you my friend and all the best He has for you in the new year!

Cathy P in AZ said...

Hi Jan, my lovely crafty friend! Happy New Year and I'm so happy to see pics of your beautiful healthy family and adorable pups! I have enjoyed your blogging journey of homemade goods as well as your fabulous crafty creations all year. You are a true earth mother and artist in every sense of the word! Love and miss you, friend! Maybe I can come visit sometime in 2013... :) Let's see.

Charlie said...

Hi Jan. Belated Happy New Year to you and your family. Silly you - having seen your picture there is ABSOLUTELY NO reason why there is not many photoes of you. As you might remember we share the love of our hobby as well as the love of our DH and the fear of their disease - but let's stay positive and pray for both our DH's staying healthy. We have passed the first year of good check-ups now. My DH was diagnosed in May 2011 and operated in autumn 2011. All the best from CharlieDK