Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Handmade Chocolate Espresso Crock Pot Soap

Hi blog friends, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

I saw that my Homemade Lemon Green Tea Crock Pot Soap was featured on the Frugally Sustainable blog and at the Clever Chicks blog hop, wow ... I'm totally honored and amazed!
I wanted to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who's been visiting and checking out my Tuesday/Wednesday Homemade blog post/tutorials.

I made a last minute batch of soap a couple of days before Christmas I wanted to share.  
I ordered a Chocolate Espresso Fragrance Oil from Brambleberry that arrived earlier than I expected so I just couldn't help myself!  After dinner I got out my big Crock Pot and went to work.  It was a little different,  I had to use my Stick Blender toward the end of the cooking process because the mixture seemed to have thinned and had separated.  I mixed and let it cook another 10 minutes and it was just fine.

My photo above is of the Chocolate Espresso Soap curing.  Our house is small so there isn't a really good spot to cure soap or lots of soap for that matter!  The headboard of our bed works well, I just put the bars of new soap on a wire baking rack and set it on the headboard.  
Each time I walk into our room I smell chocolate, it's delightful!

Recipe follows:

Chocolate Espresso Soap

Oils Selected                               Amount                  %

Castor Oil                                               4.0  oz                          10.8%
Coconut Oil (76 Degrees)                 9.00 oz                       24.3% 
Lard                                                         12.00 oz                      32.4%
Olive Oil                                                     8.00 oz                       21.6%
Shea Butter (Unrefined)                   4.00 oz                      10.8%
5% Lye (Sodium Hydroxide)Amount       5.113 oz
Ounces of liquid recommended              12.21 oz

Yields (3.39 lbs.)                                  54.32 oz  

2.8 oz Unsweetened Baking Chocolate
1 oz Cocoa Powder
When melting the cocoa butter and heating your oils, add the baking chocolate and cocoa powder

For Chocolate Espresso Fragrance Oil add 2.44 ounces for medium strength or 3.26 ounces for a really strong scent.

All of the wow with none of the guilt, this
fragrance oil will discolor your soap to a dark brown.  

Enjoy the recipe and thanks for visiting my blog today!

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Sarah said...

Oh my goodness--I can almost smell this here in my living room :) I bet it's heavenly!

Anna from Natures Home Spa said...

I am totally going to try this Jan!
Love it. I bet it smells incredible.

Cajunchik said...

Hi Jan,
Do you have a crockpot dedicated to soap making? Is it food safe afterwards? Just wondering. I have an old one that would be perfect for it, so it will only be for soap.
Thanks and I love your blog!

Jan Hunnicutt said...

Hi Cyndi! I do have a second crock pot or two for soap making and I have used the bigger one for food after making soap in it. I try to keep the soap pots for soap but sometimes a cook just need a bigger crock =)

The recommendation is to use your soap tools for soap only.

Thanks for leaving a comment for me!

Lisa Lynn said...

I can almost smell it :) This sounds awesome!
I would love to have you visit my blog and vote for your favorite post on Wildcrafting Wednesdays People's Choice Awards! Next week we will be back to our regular blog hop, but you can find the poll here:

Anna from Natures Home Spa said...

Hi Jan, I decided to try out a recipe today made with 3 simple oils and brewed coffee for the liquid. I thought if it worked with tea it should with coffee! I didn't have any
espresso fragrance oil or baking chocolate, like your recipe, so I was bummed. I did have cocoa powder, so I put that in. It smells like a brownie! I'll put some picts out tomorrow! Thanks for the inspiration! Love your blog, Anna

Jan Hunnicutt said...

Anna I can't wait to visit your blog tomorrow and read all about it! I didn't think of using coffee for my liquid I had some rain water and used it with the distilled water.

Smelling like brownies is good! I love the way our bedroom smells with the soap "drying".

Carol L said...

It must be bliss to walk into your bedroom and smell chocolate all the time! WTG making all these soaps!!