Monday, December 17, 2012

Homemade Christmas

Hi blog friends!

I spent most of my day yesterday packaging and labeling all my homemade goodies for Christmas gift baskets, whew that was a lot of work!  The soaps I usually wrap in up-cycled tissue paper and add a "belly band" with the name and list of ingredients.

Half a dozen Orange Bath Fizzies, eleven packages of Calming Lavender Bath "Tea", five bars of Lavender Eucalyptus soap, two bars of Orange Honey Soap, ten bars of Lemon Green Tea Soap and the unwrapped bars of soap are from yesterday's experimental batch of Orange Oak Ylang soap.  Half is still in the mold waiting for my friend to come over and cut up her part, it smells divine!  I also added Orange Honey Lip Balm to my baskets.

I made up the mixture for the Bath Teas ahead and added a half cup to each large tea bag and sealed them with with my flat iron.   My 12 year old daughter thinks I'm weird.  She said her friends Mom's use their flat irons to straighten their hair not seal tea bags! 

The pile is shrinking a little. 

I still have left overs but I was able to fill six baskets for friends and family, 
I'm happy to say four out of six of my baskets are up-cycled too. 

All the baskets need are tags so we know who they are for.  
I still have packages to wrap so perhaps then?

I feel a little more prepared for Christmas now, how about you?

Thanks for visiting my blog today!


Anna from Natures Home Spa said...

Your Christmas baskets are awesome! Love the look of all the wrapped goodies. I will be working today packaging my homemade treats for my family today also! Wish I had thought of the small basket idea! I'm putting mine in holiday motif (lunch) bags.

I will have to try the bath tea bags, sounds really nice.

Deborah Anton said...

Jan... these are so great! Your receivers are going to love it!

Jennifer said...

All of this is incredible! How wonderful to be able to make such lovely gifts for family and friends!