Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Handmade Journal

I've been blogging on Tuesday evenings about handmade soaps, lotions & bath products, etc. and thought I should show you my handmade journal.  

I thought it would be a good idea to make a journal of all my handmade goodies to keep in one place.  I've read on several soapers blogs to keep a record (journal) of all your soap recipes and write notes about how it came out and any adjustments you might make the next time you use it.  I've also made soap with friends at their homes and needed to go online to check something and not had an internet connection, that really slows things down!  

For the journal I bought a half sheet binder at Staples.  I was surprised to see they come in fun colors now not just white.  I like the pocket in the front so I can do my own art work.  I downloaded and printed a digital image of Lavender from a coloring page website and colored it with my Copic markers.  Added my title and a neat bible verse to complete the cover and popped it in the binder pocket.

They even have dividers for this size binder now, I'd planned to make my own but since they already did the work for me...  This is the cover of my Soap Recipes divider.  I found this cute hippo on one site and the bathtub on another and thought it would be fun to combine them.  They are also colored with my Copic markers.  

Here's what the journal looks like with recipes and dividers  for various things in it - a work in progress.  Pictured is my recipe version for Chocolate Espresso Soap.   I don't want to share all the recipes with you because some are from other bloggers websites and I want to be a respectful blogger.  As I make the recipes and blog about them I will direct you to their websites at that time. 

My journal is a very simple concept using Microsoft Publisher to print the pages.  I like the three ring binder because it enables me to be able to expand and add more recipes.  I can add my own touch with art work if I choose and it can be a work in progress.

Do you like to keep your recipes for handmade goodies in a journal?  On your computer?  Haven't thought about it yet?  I'd love to hear from you so let me know how or if you organize your recipes!

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This is a really cool idea!