Monday, January 7, 2013

Sasheen Bow Machine S-72

It's Monday morning, our kids are back to school and it's really quiet here at home.

I thought it would be fun to post some pictures of the kids playing with the new to us Bow Maker I bought on E Bay.  This awesome tool is as old as I am and is in excellent shape and will be fun for years to come in our crafty household.

I won the bid on Christmas Eve and it arrived in a huge box by mail the day before the kids returned home from Grandma & Grandpa's.  It came with three boxes of bow pins, two boxes of adhesive tags and three or four partially used Sasheen ribbon reels.

 Their eyes lit up when they saw the bow machine and wanted to know if they could make some bows. She's a quick study and went right to work, I think Jenny must have made 100 bows and was willing to store them in her closet till we needed them.  What a relief I wasn't sure where we were going to store all of them!
Michael made a few bows too but wasn't quite as fascinated with it.

Meanwhile Maxine and Buster were trying to relax nearby.

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Alyce Kit and Clowder said...

wow that is the most amazing thing i have ever seen!! i think i need one of these!! hehe :)

Unknown said...

Awww! It looks like y'all had a ton of fun! I think you wore out Maxine and Buster though LOL.

Anonymous said...

Wow--that is sooo cool! I'd love to have one of those--my bows always get smashed in storage, so it would be cool to make more when I needed them. Very cool! :)

Valerie said...

I remember this big ole thing! What fun! You should have a wrapping service during Christmas and make a little extra cash!

Carolina Girl (Cely) said...

How wonderful....I've never seen one and what was fun is to see your daughter "so into it"....I love the finishing touch of the dogs chillin.

Laura said...

WOW!! that looks like a FUN toy! I need to find me one of those. Here I come EBAY!!
and I just adore those Boxers! TFS