Thursday, January 31, 2013


We have a Craft Night at our church a couple times a month where we get together and work on what ever we happen to be working on and visit.  Last Friday Carole, Sherry and I got together and attempted to learn how to Zentangle.  Carole has a really nice book and we were following the directions.  

All the Zentangles we made turned out looking pretty neat!  Can you see the snake in my first Zentangle? 
I decided to make cards with mine so they didn't end up in a drawer or scrap pile. 

After spending a few hours doing this I think I might feel another addiction coming on...
There is an upside to that though...  I already have the Copic Multi Liners, Pencils & Erasers needed and of course paper isn't really a problem at my house either.

Can you find my initials "JH" in each of the Zentangles?

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Linda said... artworks. I saw your initals in the second but not sure about the first. I bet you all had a blast! tfs!!!