Monday, May 6, 2013

Buster's Big Day

I'm quickly checking in this Monday morning, today is Buster's day to go to the vet to be neutered.  He's been with us a little more than 6 months, put on a fair amount of weight since we met and has settled into our family pretty well.  He still thinks he needs to guard our yard, car and home so maybe after his surgery he will mellow a little in those areas.  

Pictured above is my husband Rick and Buster, Buster looks like he's smiling to me.  One of his favorite places to be is within easy reach of Rick's nice big gentle hands.

I pray the day goes well for all of us and that Maxine can leave Buster alone long enough for him to heal up a little.  She's fond of taking him out our front door to play by the ear.

Edited to add:

We picked Buster up after 4 PM today, he came through his surgery well and was still pretty dopey.  I thought if you had four legs you wouldn't/couldn't stagger...  Buster did.

I rode home in the back seat of the car with him from the vet's office, he was comfy with his head in my lap.  Maxine was in front with Rick happy to have her boy back.  Pictured above Michael is trying to talk him into getting out of the car.

Poor guy almost looks like he's passed on here, it took him a little while to decide it was ok to get out of the car and come in the house with us.

It's almost 10 PM now and he's resting comfortably on his big pillow in the bedroom, he's been outside a few times and is starting to come back to life from the anesthesia.  

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Donna Hanley said...

Oh Good Luck to Buster. I will keep him in my thoughts today, but I'm sure he'll do just fine. It's just always scary when they have to go under anesthesia. One of my babies (12 years old) had to have her teeth cleaned a couple of weeks ago and I was so nervous, but it turned out fine.

jimlynn said...

Jan, Buster is so cute!! I'll be thinking about him all day long and know all will do just fine!

kare said...

We will have Buster and You all in our prayers!

Our Feral kitty, Dusty Buster was "fixed" a couple months ago. He hasn't attacked me since, but every passer buy still gets growled at and he is a ferocious critter hunter.

Bill is his favorite human "bean";)

Guys will be guys i think...
un-done or not.

Jane said...

Oh bless, hope he's feeling a little better today.

Billie A said...

Hope Buster is doing good and out of pain. My Charlie goes in for kidney stones next Friday.. I feel for the four legged kids. Hugs Buster.