Friday, May 17, 2013

RED Soap Cutter from Essential Depot

Soap Makers have you heard the news?!

I joined a Facebook Soap Makers group recently called Soaping 101 and have been learning a lot through participating in and following conversations as well as watching Soaping 101 videos on You Tube.  

Yesterday there was a whole lot of excitement in the group about this new soap cutter being rolled out by Essential Depot today.  They're signature color is red and here's what they have to say about it:

Engineered to last a lifetime when used as directed, the U.S. – made soap cutter uses quality steel and is coated with a hard, baked-on firehouse red powder-coat enamel.  Its heavy-duty base and cutting table are high-grade HDPE plastic.  Essential Depot’s RED Soap Cutter is specifically designed to complement the company’s RED Silicon Mold.  Loaves from the mold fit exactly into the cutter and can be cut quickly, easily and accurately into 11 equally sided one-inch bars.

I want one!  And then there are the RED Silicon Soap Molds that I really want to try out!

I have a 2 LB Acrylic soap mold for experimenting with new recipes that I do not have to line and love it.  

Here's what Essential Depot has to say about their RED Silicon Soap Molds:

The Revolutionary Essential Depot (RED) Silicone Soap Mold is four to five times thicker than traditional silicone molds, and is the first silicone soap mold strong enough to withstand thousands of uses.  In addition, it is engineered to provide years of easy service, and sized to make soap loaves that can be cut into 11 one-inch bars.

Made of finest grade silicone with following specs:  
  • Temperature ranges from -40 to 536 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Will retain its shape after thousands of uses. 
  • Dimensions (Inches): Interior: 11.25(L) X 3.25(W) X 3.70(H) Exterior: 11.75(L) X 3.75(W) X 3.941 (H) Wall thickness: .25 inch; Bottom thickness: .24 inch.
  • Designed to make a 4 lb to 6 lb 11.25 inch long loaf of soap. You determine the height of the soap when you fill the mold.

I haven't placed my order yet I'm still day dreaming about the new cutter and soap molds...
They are definitely on my wish list!

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