Friday, July 12, 2013

Band Camp at Northern Arizona University

Hi blog friends!

Last Saturday Jenny and I traveled to Flagstaff to take her to Band Camp at NAU, tomorrow Rick and I will make the return trip to go pick her up all in the same day.

I thought it would be fun to share the photos she let me take along the way.
I think it's kind of funny that she posts her stuff on Facebook but when I take a picture and do the same or blog about it she gets upset with me, ahh 13 year old girls...

We went through Lake Havasu City to get to Interstate 40 so we stopped at Dairy Queen for lunch.

We had rain going through Ash Fork and Williams.  
This was a stop to get gas in Williams - 4.09 a gallon oh my!  

Our final destination Saturday in Flagstaff. 

Sunday morning we went over to NAU to register and check in.  We went out for lunch and I dropped her off at her dorm and headed for home.  

She is sharing a dorm room at Northern Arizona University with one of her friends from home who's also in band.  I think it's kind of neat that they have the opportunity to experience living in a college dorm and taking classes at the college for a week while they are there.  Jenny has said she'd like to go to NAU when she graduates, so she has a little peek into the future.  

I'll take my camera again for the return trip with Rick, I won't have to drive the entire 8 hours this time so maybe I can get some nice photos of the scenery.  Unless of course I can't stand sitting in the passenger seat...  It's beautiful up there and the smell is amazing!  
Pine trees -

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Billie A said...

Looks like a wonderful trip. Gesh you gas. that really sucks. Have a safe trip back.