Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Sudz n' Hunni Soaps Sea Salt Spa Bars

Whew, try and say that title fast three times!

I have supplies gathered to make Sea Salt Spa Soaps and try out a new slab mold from Soap Making Resource.  The fragrance I've chosen is Amber Romance a duplicated fragrance from Aztec.  I'm also adding Activated Charcoal and Red Moroccan Clay for their detoxifying and cleansing properties.

This is the Sea Salt with the fragrance oil being stirred in.

The Activated Charcoal and Red Moroccan Clay are measured out and ready to go.

3 pound Acrylic mold ready - I love not having to line the mold and be able to see just what's happening in there too!

After pouring my soap batter into the slab mold and doing a little swirl and adding the dividers.

Here they are about 12 hours later, they've lightened up in color but still lookin' good.  I can't wait to try one of these now...

If you'd like to try one too they are available for sale at my Sudz n' Hunni Soaps online store starting today.

If you're a soap maker my recipe came from Soaping 101 on YouTube.

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Anna from Natures Home Spa said...

Oh these are great Jan! I love salt bars, and the fragrance sounds soooo nice! Love the swirls too, kinda reminds you a stormy sea.

Anna from Natures Home Spa said...

Oh Jan, this sea salt soap looks great! Love the swirls, kinda reminds you of a stormy sea. And the fragrance sounds really nice.