Monday, September 19, 2016

Denim Blue Dumortierite Necklace With Fancy Copper Links

I had fun making this Copper & Denim Blue Dumortierite necklace.  
I started by making fancy copper links:

For this necklace my inspiration came from Cindy Wimmer's book The Missing Link.  

I wanted to use more than one style of link so after making up several designs I decided what I'd like to use.  The next step is connecting the links with the semi precious Dumortierite gemstones.  I used a basic wrapped loop for the gemstone beads then connected them with copper jump rings.  I think the jump rings give this fancy link necklace ease of movement when its being worn.  

After putting the necklace links together it's time to tumble it to harden the copper wire.  
When that process is finished I antiqued the copper with Liver of Sulfur then polished it with fine steel wool to take off just enough tarnish to get the look I want.  

The final step in making this necklace is sealing the copper with ProtectaClear.  This is an amazing product for jewelry, it helps protect the patina you've created, preserve the finish and if your skin chemistry is the type that turns green when you wear copper ProtectaClear can help with that too. 

This necklace measures 27" & is available for sale in our store Arizona Copper Craft.
$59.00 + $4.00 shipping within the USA - Or use our green "buy now" button below.

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