Friday, September 16, 2016

Howlite & Copper Wire Wrap Pendant

I've been practicing my wire wrapping skills and having fun learning new techniques. This pendant is made from Howlite that has been dyed green. It's 2 /34" long from top to bottom and 1" across at its widest point. I don't have a chain for it yet, I was thinking a black braided cord might look neat or a fancy copper link chain...

like this one I found at Rings & Things? I was also thinking maybe it should be a longer necklace instead of my usual in your neckline type.
Howlite is a stone that is naturally white with a fine black matrix and is best known for imitating other semi precious gemstones.  It is quite porous in nature so it absorbs dye well.  Unfortunately for the consumer it can be sold as turquoise, red coral and/or lapis luzuli.  Honest dealers will tell you if their semi precious gemstones have been dyed or altered in any way.  
One day in the near future after I've acquired some real turquoise we'll do a fun comparison blog post. My husband Rick & I are planning a turquoise buying trip soon, we'll go to Colbaugh Processing which is the mine just outside of Kingman Arizona to do our shopping.

 My supplies from Rings & Things arrived yesterday.  I tried the chain pictured above and it looked odd to me so I went with a 3mm antiqued mesh necklace chain.

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