Thursday, September 22, 2016

Lavender & Chamomile Cold Process Soap

Thursdays & Fridays have been my soap making days.  I'm getting ready for Arizona swap meet season, we sell our soap and body products as well as our jewelry November - March/April in Parker, Az at the La Paz County Swap Meet on Saturdays from 8 AM - 2 PM and in Lake Havasu City at the London Bridge Swap Meet on Sundays from 8 AM - 2 PM.  Since we don't have a brick and mortar store this is a way of getting our handmade products out there and it's a great way to spend the winter weekends in Arizona!

The photo you see above is wet soap just poured into the molds.  
This is Lavender & Chamomile soap.

After leaving the soap in the molds for 24 to 48 hours it gets cut into 1" bars and goes onto the curing rack.  Next week I'll take these bars and clean them up by planing the surface and beveling the edges.  Then they go back on the curing rack because they'll need to cure for six weeks before they are ready to wrap and sell.  Soap making is a process.  

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