Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Kingman Turquoise & Copper Bracelet

This is a copper bracelet I made recently using some of our Kingman Turquoise stash.

I've been recycling some of my already made necklaces and bracelets, the barrel links came from one of those bracelets.  I learned to make the links from a YouTube tutorial by "Making it easy with Liz" when I was a beginner.  I didn't like the look of my bracelet with just barrel links any longer so why not take it apart and make something new?!

I love the way this Kingman Turquoise bracelet came out, the 6 mm turquoise beads are a nice size with the 18 gauge wire I used to make the barrels.

I think I'll look through my stash and see what else I can recreate!

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