Wednesday, August 1, 2007

There's That Vintage Look Again

This is a project for my friend Shirley that's been waiting for me to get inspired and finish it. I got the pictures cropped and mounted and stalled, what next?

I discovered a lady that makes the most awesome scrapbook pages I've ever seen last week and was inspired by her to finish this. Her blog is called Scrapperlicious, if you want to see an artist - check her out!

Now I'm not sure I like the vellum paper on it anymore. I suppose it would be easy enough to remove, after all it's only paper. That's what I kept thinking as I was working on this today. It's only paper, it's only paper, it's only paper.

I had fun putting the details in this. Shirley likes butterflies so I added some. I was thinking about how quickly our children grow up and added a clock, I had fun paper piercing on some of the flourishes, I hid some words in the flourishes, I even added some rhinestones to the flowers. It was fun, but will she like it?

It has a black frame that it goes in and needs to be matted before it's really finished.

I just discovered if you click on the picture a new window opens and you can see all the detail, how cool! Oh, the little things in a girls' life ~


Rose Ann said...

Your page looks very pretty! Great job!

Unknown said...

WOW! I knew I was smart when I asked you to frame it for me. I love it. I forwarded the link to the kids so they could see it too. Shirley