Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Mason Jars - Outdoor Lighting

Have you ever thought of using mason jars for outdoor solar lighting?
This photo is of my husband hanging up our newly homemade mason jar solar lights.

Here's a close up view.

I came across lights like this on Pinterest and clicked the links to find out more about them.
What I found out is they are expensive to buy and have shipped.  Which got me to thinking...

I talked to my husband and he told me to buy the supplies and we'd make them.  
I went to our local big box store and purchased a case of pint sized wide mouth mason jars and a dozen solar lights for your yard.  You know the ones that come on stakes to plant in your garden?  We took the lights apart down to the black plastic so they will fit in the top of the mason jar with the ring on it.  They have a silver cover over them that is easy to remove for a perfect fit.  We needed a hanger so they could hang from the eves of the house, we used my Crop O dile to punch holes in the metal ring that screws onto the jars and threaded wire through the holes for a handle.  The wire was in the back of his truck from a fix it job he'd done earlier so it isn't figured into our budget.  The cost for homemade outdoor solar lighting without the wire is approximately $3.00 for each light.

I didn't take pictures as my husband was making them but I did get a picture of our solar lanterns toward the end of the process of putting them together.

They recharge in the Arizona sunshine each day and look wonderful at night hanging from the eves kind of light Christmas lights!

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Holly Iossa (Homeschool Homestead) said...

Love this idea. Like the butterflies too.

Ann said...

Wonderful idea; thanks for sharing. :)

Carolina Girl (Cely) said...

Outstanding....my husband loves this idea. We have lots of old mason jars that were given to use that I know we would never use....so that won't be in the cost. We even have the wire and screw lids...wow...just needing the solar lights and you can usually find a good sale....thanks a bunch.

Rebecca J said...

This is a great idea! I'm pinning it!
I love anything solar-power but I'm waiting on the technology to get more affordable so we can get panels on our house. This is a small step in the right direction though :)

Rebecca of www.bogogreenio.blogspot.com

Irene Jennings said...

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Unknown said...

That’s so creative! They are not only cost-efficient outdoor fixtures; they also are an eco-friendly decoration. I can imagine how beautiful they will be when the sun is out. :’>

- Allison Shallenberger