Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Notes From Home

Day two and our kids are back in school after "fall break".  We had a great time and I'm a little behind on all the Mom stuff, paper crafting stuff, house cleaning stuff...  you get the idea I'm sure!

I have some family pictures from our time together.  We were able to take a day trip to my friend's house in Lake Havasu where the kids and Maxine swam in her pool.  
I thought the water was a little cool but they loved it!  

October in Arizona holds so much promise.  Early in the month you can swim and toward the end of the month the high temperatures are in the 90's with cool mornings.  Changes are coming soon!  The leaves on the trees don't change colors here, I think they breathe a sigh of relief that cooler weather is on the way.  It's time to plant our winter gardens too, we have several tomato plants inside waiting for cool enough temperatures to not just survive but flourish outside.  

I think Jenny was trying to hold the "tired swimmer".  At one point the kids has the swim noodles under the dog to help her float, it was a sight and I missed the photo op.  

We also added an unexpected member to our family while our kids were on break from school.
Meet Buster, he's the guy with all the white on him. 

Buster is a rescue animal from our small town. When we saw him our hearts broke, he's quite thin and hadn't been taken care of very well.   My husband Rick and I talked about all the pros and cons of taking in a second dog, large dog and decided we could give him a good home.  Besides Maxine was crazy about him!

With the afternoon temperatures still in the high 90's here we turn on the sprinklers to keep the dogs cool as they play.  Buster thought it was a great idea, you can't tell but he's rolling on the sprinkler that's on.

Here's some good clean fun going on with Maxine and Buster.

We scheduled an appointment with our local vet yesterday and took the whole family.
We found out Buster is under weight and has bacteria in his intestinal track which is very curable with medicine and a temporary special diet.  Other than that he's in pretty good health for a pooch that hasn't had a very good start in life.  We had no idea how old he is and the vet estimated he's a 2 to 3 year old.

I don't have any really good pictures of him with the kids yet, it's hard to get everyone to hold still right now.  I'm looking forward to making it through the adjustment period and life getting back to some sort of normal around here.  

We also have two house cats that aren't very happy about the new addition even though he's very curious about them.  Buster stuck his nose through the kitty door that leads out to the garage last night and had it swatted by one of the cats.  He was rather perplexed about what had happened. 

This would be the view of what the cats saw on their side of the door in our garage.
The photo is of Maxine one day when I was leaving.

Have a good day & I hope to be back soon with some paper crafting projects to share -


Nancy M said...

Aaww..so cute! Glad he gets such a great home!! Have fun and good luck!

Krystil said...

HAHAHA the photo of Maxine with her nose through the kitty door is hilarious! glad to hear Buster is getting along with Maxine. it may be an adjustment for your family, but Buster sure scored!!

Carol L said...

Congrats on your new addition! Maxine will help Buster feel right at home in no time and they'll be the best of friends! So glad life is going well out there in AZ! Take care!

AllisonG said...

I love all the pics of your new family member! The one of the dogs playing in the sprinklers is especially funny. I lives in the Phoenix area for about 2 years (my dad still lives there), so I remember how nice it was when the weather finally started to cool off just a bit. With a few exceptions here in North Texas, we are still in the 80's during the day but the mornings are cooling off. A sure sign that the season is about to change!

Monica Hunter said...

Buster couldn't have found a better home for himself, and I'm glad that Maxine is helping him to feel welcome! Thanks for sharing the pics -- I especially love the one with the sprinkler.

Laura said...

Love all the pictures...they look like they are having a great time together. And Congrats to buster he has agreat home now. What a blessing for all of you. We have been tthinking about getting another boxer.