Monday, January 23, 2017

Aqua Terra Wire Weave Necklace

I have my second wire weave pendant today!

I took a class online earlier this month to learn how to make wire woven pendants.  More info about that in this blog post.  This particular pendant is Aqua Terra Jasper and has a very small hole drilled in the top making it difficult to make a fancy bail for.  And, it's time to learn new skills and techniques!  I used a tight basket type weave for the bezel portion pictured below.

For the bail I went back to the figure eight weave I'd learned in the first class because I really like the look.  After the pendant was finished I made a matching necklace chain using Aqua Terra Jasper stone beads and copper wire adding in some fancy figure eight links.  The next step in the process is antiquing and polishing.  I love the way antiqued copper looks so it's my preference for most jewelry pieces I make.  The very last step is to treat the copper to maintain and protect the finish I've given it.

There you have it, my second wire woven pendant!
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