Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Unisex Twisted Bracelets in Copper

Today's Project!

I'm still working on learning new techniques in jewelry making.  Today's project is a video tutorial via University of YouTube by Lan Anh Handmade.  I'd seen this bracelet before and thought it was really nice, in one of my Facebook groups there was a link to the tutorial by a generous artist who is willing to share her gifts & talents.

I used copper wire because that's what I have the most of and what I like to work with.  I've done this type of weaving before so I chose to use dead soft wire in 18 gauge and 20 gauge.  My sweet hubby Rick found some dead soft 22 gauge copper wire for me in our stash so I switched to a little finer wire after my first experiment.  

So far I've made five of these and feel like I still need practice to get the shape uniform.  As with everything the more you practice your skills the better they'll get.

I'm off to practice my skills & hope you have an amazing day!

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