Monday, January 16, 2017

Crazy Lace - Laguna Lace Agate Wire Wrap Necklace

I've been fascinated with Crazy Lace Agates lately and discovered there are also Laguna Lace Agates that are equally as beautiful.  The natural colors in some are really stunning.

Here's a little information I found online:  Crazy lace agate, also known as Mexican agate, is an attractive, white, opaque stone, patterned like a beautiful, multicolored paisley cloth you want to wrap around you. It is a cryptocrystalline quartz, found in Mexico.

For this stone I made a fancy wire wrapped bail and for the necklace chain I added three Crazy Lace Agate round stones on each side.  It's all done in Copper that's been antiqued and polished then treated to maintain and protect the finish I gave it.

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