Friday, June 22, 2007

My "Stamping Room" - what a mess!

This is a picture of my "stamping room", it's actually my kitchen. I decided today that I should start putting some of my stuff away that I wasn't using anymore in my current card making.

My kitchen turned into my stamping room, I never meant it to be that way but one thing led to another and now we can't eat at the kitchen table anymore. That's okay, if you ever come to my house and find the kitchen table cleaned off... you know someone special is coming over. I don't invite guests over for dinner so that doesn't happen very often! Why cook when you can stamp?

I did put away some of the stuff I wasn't using on my table today but if I took another picture of the table it looks worse now! I don't understand...

I think I should just dive in and go back to work, making stuff that is!

I'm still having fun with the CTMH In The Wild set. I made this Giraffe card last night before I went to bed.

I worked on a tiger card today but don't have a picture yet, it's late and my kids are asleep and I can't put the eyelets in and expect them not to wake up. I know I should get out of the dark ages with my eyelet setting technique but I just like using my little hammer and making some noise. Because I can!


Charmaine (CharmWarm) said...

It's not THAT messy, believe me! Mine has looked much worse! :)

Diane said...

Hey if there's no mess,it means you haven't been procuctive right!
The bigger the mess the better results!