Saturday, June 30, 2007

RAK Birthday Cards

Happy Saturday. they say it's my birthday!

My first and second card today are birthday cards from my friends Pat (top) and Judy (bottom).

Pat is my friend in California I met on line through Split Coast Stampers and Judy is my Stampin' Up! upline.

With Pat's card she sent me a box of goodies, stamped Bella images - they're so cool! The funniest part of Pat's birthday gift to me is (just like my kids) I liked the box they came in just as much as the gift! They were packaged in a box that holds 12 Stampin' Up! ink pads, just that morning I was wishing I had one of those boxes for my overflow of craft ink pads.

With Judy's card came a gift certificate for Stampin' Up! products, oh boy!! I'll have to study my new catalog more before I can decide how to use that. I've had lots of phone calls today and e cards too, I have wonderful friends, I feel very blessed. It's been a nice day.

Thanks everybody!

The bottom card is an invitation I made for another friend for her son's baptism. She called me Wednesday evening and described what she had in mind, told me she needed 25 and could I have them ready Thursday afternoon. To which my reply was, sure it's just a print job...
I went to work printing sheets of pictures, sheets of vellum and waited briefly for the ink to dry and cut them apart and assembled them. Wa la, they're ready! She was happy with the finished product and I was happy to have the job. I love it when people call me and ask me to do that kind of stuff.


Abra Leah Cross said...

Very cute Bella - love the way you tied the ribbon. :)

Diane said...

Sorry I missed it! I'll get ya back next year!!LOL.