Monday, January 25, 2010

CHA Consumer Show - Anaheim, CA 2010

I've been away all weekend at CHA!! Susan and I decided last Wednesday that we should go to CHA in Anaheim, it's only 4 or 5 hours away... I asked my husband what he thought and he said go... and I said really??? Cool!!!

We got on the computer to see if we could still get tickets and a room and both were still available. I was so excited I could hardly wipe the smile off my face! The picture above is my ticket for Saturday and below is the view of the convention center in Anaheim from our hotel.
Susan picked me up Friday morning and we set out on our road trip. She had a GPS she hadn't used yet so we figured out how to set it up and started our adventure. We had several really bad storms last week but the weather was good until we got to Palm Springs where we found rain, it followed us all the way to Anaheim.

We arrived about 2 p.m., checked into our hotel and took off on foot for the convention center 2 parking lots away. It was still raining but we took precautions like wrapping Susan's feet in plastic bags before she put her shoes on so her feet would stay dry. Her shoes had mesh tops and were soaked.
Look what I won Friday night!! I took a survey when we first arrived at CHA about ribbon and was entered into a drawing. About 45 minutes before 8:00 my name was called, luckily Susan heard it and I went running over to the booth number they gave. The ribbon basket is from BOC Design Group (Berwick Offray Cleo) and the lady with me is Shira Lowry their national sales manager.

We decided to go back to our hotel room after that, the basket was too big to carry around the show floor and we were going to be back in the morning for day 2 anyway. Much to our delight it was no longer raining for our walk home. It was quite a trip carrying that basket of ribbon back to the hotel room, it weighed a ton. I'll show more ribbon pictures later. We opened it in our room and couldn't believe all the beautiful ribbon, it ended up being 1300 yards. I'm not sure what to do with all that ribbon but I'm certainly going to try to use as much as I can!!

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smarch said...

You go girl. Can't wait to see all that ribbon!! And to hear all about CHA. It sounds so exciting. Glad you got to go!!!