Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A Question From Willow

I received a question from Willow yesterday via e mail and thought answering it on my blog would be helpful.
Hello, I was in your site and liked it very much. I thought maybe you could help me. I am looking for ideas for small note pads I bought at the dollar store the other day. The Pads are (5x3). Any help would be much appreciated.

When I first discovered stamping blogs I saw these post it note holders that Cambria Turnbow had made and posted on her blog and thought, Wow! are these ever neat! Click on Cambria's name above and the link will take you to her blog with directions for how to make these. I think the idea could be easily adapted to fit any size note pad you might have.

Pictured above a few of the post it note holders I made after being inspired by and studying Cambria's instructions, if I can make them you can too! Have fun with it!

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